Selling Your Home!

Before you list your residence, consider the extras that could boost the price of your home and cut moving costs. Most buyers will expect that things like the light fixtures and ceiling fans will come with the home, besides if you have an expensive chandelier it may be less headache to buy a new one than to pack the one you have.

Appliances are very heavy items and depending on the color of your new home may not work without a repainting of the space they will go into so let them go with the house or sell them before the move. Likely your new place will have them anyway but be sure and check! If you are going to move them be sure and unplug them at least 24 hours before the move so the can cool down/defrost, drain them and let them dry so they don't develop an odor.

Moving antenna's are not a good idea as they do not travel well, and if you have a satelite system just call your provider to install a new one; they'll usually do this at no, or a low cost.

Fireplace tools and screens are hard to pack and if they don't fit into your new home leave them or sell them.

Flag poles sports equipment, basketball goals should either be sold or stay with the property. Yes, they can be moved but it just adds cost to the move.

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